Frequently Asked Questions

A spinal adjustment is the most important procedure in the process of spinal correction. Dr. Sudano will apply highly specific targeted pressure that will better align your spine, taking pressure off of the delicate spinal cord and nerve roots. With the pressure reduced, your nerves are capable of sending the vital healing messages your cells and organs need to function properly. Adjustments are performed with Dr. Sudano’s hands or with the assistance special chiropractic tables. For the typical patient, a spinal adjustment does not hurt, in fact it usually feels really good with most patients reporting a greater sense peace and well being. Each spinal adjustment we give is gentle, safe and effective.

The sound heard accompanying an adjustment is simply the release of gas within the spinal joints and is absolutely harmless. 
No, spinal correction processes are determined by the condition of your spine, specifically. Each patient is an individual case, evaluated and given recommendations for his/her age, degree of damage and health goals. Our clinic’s extensive evaluation process ensures that we fully recognize and understand your condition, limitations and goals prior to developing your patient-specific care-plan. 
Absolutely not! Dr. Sudano has many hours of extensive training in the latest methods of spinal correction. While the majority of the Chiropractic profession focuses only on symptomatic pain relief, Dr. Sudano’s focus is on optimal spinal function. Dr. Sudano also incorporates the finest therapeutic exercises to strengthen, support and stabilize your spine for the fastest and most predictable results. 
The vast majority of patients feel significantly better after only a few adjustments. The other 20 percent feel about the same or experience a little bit of soreness. If such soreness occurs, it’s typically due to the lack of movement, tight muscles or advanced nerve involvement in the area of your spine requiring correction. Similar to the soreness associated with braces, the spinal correction process will physically move the vertebrae and affect the surrounding muscles, tendons and ligaments which could cause short-term soreness in a small percentage of patients. This is a very good sign since it indicates that spinal correction is occurring. 
Of course! Chiropractic is safe for developing bones and aging bones alike. To maintain and prevent health conditions from occurring, it is recommended to receive chiropractic care from birth throughout life. In fact, the healthiest families are the one’s receiving regular chiropractic care. In the case of the elderly, if the condition has already developed, specific spinal correction techniques can be utilized to prevent further deterioration and/or reverse chronic, long-term health conditions naturally. 
It certainly can, and is highly recommended. We have special tables and a variety of techniques we can use to treat sensitive conditions like osteoporosis or surgeries. Our specific evaluations help determine how we can best help you, regardless of condition. Often, when people have a significant single area of concern in their backs, they tend to forget the importance of maintaining the health of the rest of their spine.

If you have osteoporosis, chiropractic adjustments can be a tremendous help in preventing spinal fractures that lead to the “humpback” commonly seen. Surgeries add stress and promote nearby tissue deterioration that should be managed proactively. One of the most common reasons for additional surgeries is mismanagement or non-management of the effects of the first surgery. We can help treat the segments of your spine surrounding the surgical area, so it stays strong from top to bottom.

Insurance coverage varies for chiropractic care. Each plan is slightly different—based on the policy as well as your health condition. However, most have a limit on what they will pay, and do not pay for full corrective care programs.

We strive to make care affordable for you and your entire family with or without insurance. In our office, we do not base your care plan on your insurance coverage, but what you need to be truly healthy. We can even offer you a number of payment options to best suit your budget.